A Quick and Easy Financial Model for a Startup

I spend part of my time helping out early stage startups on the financial side and created this model in response to requests from friends for a basic model to use as a template.  It’s built around Einstein’s principle of “as complex as necessary and not one bit more.”  In the demo, I show how to use it and talk a bit about excel financial modeling and financial statements in general.  In 20 minutes you’ll build the model for BobCo, a venture-funded $70mm PaaS company.  Good luck!

Download StartupFinModelBobCo071113a

Financial Model

7 thoughts on “A Quick and Easy Financial Model for a Startup

  1. Sumit – this is very useful and instructive – I appreciate the gift you have offered. I am studing it to fully understand it all. Thanks for sharing it! GP

  2. Hey,
    I came across the financial model you presented, first od all thank you , it has been a great help to me , but before i start using the same to project the finances for my startup i wanted to ask you if its possible to add expense or sales options other than what already exists? or will that hamper everything!

    Also would you be able to help me out on how project sales for a kids manufacturing business.

    Help would be greatly appreciated :)

  3. This is absolutely great, I will try this out with my Start-Up Private Airlines, I’ll let you know if it works with my planning. Truly appreciate you creating this Startup Financial Model

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